Sunday, February 9, 2020

The youngest MKultra staff member participant who tested factory ordeal didn't escape surgery either

Yes yes(now bank employee in Warsaw) didn't escape spine surgery. Claimed me life became bearable(nothing compared to what it was) compared to hell he went through after ruining his spine in the factory. This was a young, talented college graduate(strong boy). Age probably 22/23 at the time. The most 24.

Young Ukrainian Mikita(excellent so-worker and great friend) did escaped surgery, but via heavy rehabilitation in Ukraine upon his return and what most likely was partial ordeal only.

For second round, they(not only he) already knew how to avoid mentioned injuries and work assignments were divided among workers to avoid mentioned. As they stayed inside of the factory(they have hostel upstairs), I anticipate they also rather spent time on proper spine relaxation exercises...every little made huge difference here and all was pro-calculated by doctors/physicians/therapists.

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