Sunday, February 2, 2020

REVOLUTION IS COMING: Kobe Bryant 'was not a god', but you are good - and who/what is good/bad

Back in day when I was disseminating hatred across the world(subjected to MKultra and brought by US Government angered to Europe to just do that - incredibly capable, I guess, to split even families on half - I know its a fact because I saw it with my own eyes), Kobe had meeting personally with me in what appeared to be Slovenia. Year probably was 2000 or 2001. Was not alone, Reggio Calabria people(real and beautiful Italians which didn't like fascism even a bit - hated one) gave him all support to disburse his frustrations on me. 

During MKultra occasion, however, he might(I am not certain if he did or not - he wasn't the only one >>if<< he did) have life threatened and was listed as good as dead walking man by US Government(will hold you liable for dissemination of fascism and attempt to revive one till you prove you stand there for American values of civil wear which real Americans have fought for)

What followed on his threats within two years or so was a rape charge in 2003. It was extremely difficult to set him up as well is what I was told(updated under MKultra) BECAUSE Kobe was extremely faithful to his wife Vannesa. But US Government doesn't have whatever is needed when needed - chemicals/drugs whatever used to drive man sexually completely insane(uncontrollable - they do exist and I will dedicate video to that subject) were most likely real reason behind his rape case were likely added to his food supply/liquid consumed. 

I will no waste my time with Disney's heiress elsewhere than on court(was involved in case from early early beginnings), but man seen above who already signaled me his willingness(Shaquille O'neal just somehow believed in me - same as Dwayne Johnson) to confirm my case - may do just that !!! You don't think giving laptop to a fan is a big deal for someone like Shaquille O'neal - or do you...even NBA !!???

NBA player Sasha Vujačić is my cousin's(Maribor, Slovenia - son from daughter of my father's sister Senka Pejovic) son for one thing...

Regarding Sasha Vujačić(also involved in MKukltra when brought first from US - then I spent some time also in his LA residence - all MKultra) and all others, I was not so bad....just that those who met me and have acted often times to be insulted(hurt) by me, were allowed to claim assistance(it always came in forms of better jobs - employment opportunities extremely well paid) from higher instances which then opened them road to better life - from Swedish king Gustaf, Norwegian Royals, Germans, Buckingham palace, US Government and so on...I had to be bad like it or not. And its why everyone wanted to know me...being around me could mean either fortune or even death.

Kobe Bryant did have side affair with Christina Mauser do who also was killed in helicopter crash - two were together for ages - never written anywhere in news/media, but its a fact and don't ask me how I know about one. Shaquille's computer issue mentioned above also places whole thing on table as questionable as per who knew/what will happen when(not saying he is part of conspiracy against Bryant as the two were great friends - but he did anticipated something bad coming in the future).

Kobe Bryant was a very very decent man in my opinion...he apologized(loved by Italians where he grew up - was taken there too in case you want to doubt/play - unique because he adapted well and to US and to Italy as one rather than seeing himself as someone from outside), but it was too late on someone else's list. Writing this is not easy, but its  must.

I think we have a little revolution coming. Give me a chance and you see what I do with it...

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