Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Poland didn't have so much control over my case/nor did Trump(had to LUCKILY comply with one like it or not) - mentioned psychologist involved in case most likely none

Reminded myself(gladly so) of important facts pertaining to this very case. Gentleman you see here got to know me under MKultra. He personally took initiative in training me to survive MKultra ordeal. He never doubted my being real human inside of me. I am certain, I could get his home surroundings described.

Regarding title, there were man(not Mr. Dushman - this happened in Poland right next to bakery shop on street) from WWII(camp survivors/veterans) whom I cite when watching me subjected to MKultra have stated, "I just want to see a real man starving one more time...tired of watching young pointless with everything...I want to see it all over again"....

Go ahead and ask Mr. David Dushman https://www.haaretz.com/world-news/europe/auschwitz-liberators-recalls-death-camp-inmates-75-years-on-1.8404165 to see if he confirms our meeting from the past. News seen most likely surfaced in sign of friendship. Nope, I am not mad...

LUCKILY means that someone from the past got ahold of evil(YOU 卐 卍TRUMP卐 卍) before one could get ahold of the world again - we must ensure the same for our progeny by working together with one another as closely and much as possible.

As far as psychologist, I whored on my news site a bit too much lately. If she only forgives me...damn she is liked by very special people all over the world.

@Mr. Dushman...I hope to meet you again.

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