Friday, January 3, 2020

My present situation

homeless(crippled, frosted in and out, and beaten up with directed energy wepons) on the street without support of any kind.

Without the right to transfer even title of car on myself which should be presented to court as proof of most sever crime. Likewise with rented location.

And what else...
Conned into opening my own company via false product price(MKultra brainwash supported in real time via sale of oil bottle for a very low cost), I have accepted city option to opt one out of existance since I haven't sold a single product - saving myself 350zl for a must health insurance, but in total conflict with immigration since I falsely reported company activity(one can only stay for so long in a certauin EU country if without job).

Now you can see the real degree of crime against me in country known as Poland.

My question to Trump's MKultra staff members since 2002 - "where am I"

Answer followed, "in a city where you will be killed in the future"


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