Friday, January 3, 2020

Angela Merkel went on to involve in compensation procedure also Belarus KGB(that jobs at KGB didn't pay enough) torturers mentioned in Grotnikih

"If you will not involve them(we did for your sake), case wouldn't become admitted. You will share money with them like it or not" were her instructions to me while laughing with total contempt sometimes in 2008 or so. At no wonder Valerio became involved in case as another Borut Pahor(he, I understand, despite not anywhere even near if trully at all, did go through ordeal in factory which I had to face off with because of some very angry poeple with me as some Polish girl repeated me on several occasions) who would begun to pose infront of cameras as someone who have gone through spine breaking ordeal indifferent from my case in Zgierz.
Ukrainian workers noted him as lazy(- easy in and out of work assignments) individual who faked job assignments for the sake of future money claims. He in another words documented fake case which one would use to present upon my claim. 

Since my lease ended at place where no heating, gas, or even electric tea pot or weater heater were allowed, I came upon another location(its much more restrained lodging market than what one was in USSR), I bumped into following location used by Valerio and myself(its where he would bring me to demonstrate his hard efforts for better life) just yesterday at night at 2130 hours(was not inside, but remember all) - located on the edge of Lodz city and as cheap as one possible could be with ability to exploit Lodz city via trams. Valerio obtained one as a KGB agent just as jobs which followed for him(my name Valerio, I KGB from Belarus on what question followed "which job would you like to have sir"). Owner of this very place at no ce/twice(?) wonder was in great relations with Donald Trump who one hosted on in his own home.

Hope you do understand crime level of this case exceeds Epstein's accusers x million.
Had to seat next to Valerio at 5/6am(mornings) on our way at his work in Lodz and its where most likely I would land yet another controlled fish alike aquarium employment(probably where where brought to see him work). Its what idea about this place was in which I no longer am interested.

My case that will depend on recognition from one from Belarus thanks to Merkel(after main $$$ negotiations for Germany were done already). Now you know 1% why I feel about Germans the way I feel.

Saving one's life by drowning(choking) him for no less than 25 years.

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