Wednesday, January 8, 2020

In Slovenian "Dan Norcev" - day of the lunatics

If very successful in loading more(not enough to redeem my life folks) foreign money in pockets of Eastern Europe via this very scam, national holly-day will be ring throughout Eastern Europe known as "the day of the lunatics".

So I was told by Slovenian police in front of Poles(100% Polish psychiatrists/psychologists told them what to tell - which of the two brought subject so criminal doesn't really matter - in case you didn't realize this s*** is too REAL to be joke or fiction) right here in Poland and back in Slovenia and harassed in US and elsewhere sometimes in 2002.

For providing more proof$$$, I will be equaled with Charles Manson in another words. 

Lets go and be lunatics(bag for sanity on streets of Poland) to finally become recognized as a real lunatics.

Main  perpetrator here is Germany to make myself clear - it was Angela Merkel who placed bounty$$$ on my tail with idea to murder me - she was the one who convinced them on torture and deprivation of sanity for the sake of money...

Just how sad is to see human being as is seen here - how degrading...what would you lets say professor/doctor/scientist feel is a bunch of good for nothing vagabonds on state salaries would torture you and compare you to here seen through most humiliating criminal methods possible with idea to earn money !!????? 

Tell me !!?????

Humiliation, degradation, suffering/pain I have gone through in this life is very much IMPOSSIBLE TO DESCRIBE. THANK YOU GEORGE W. BUSH/ DONALD TRUMP AND OTHER FOR 11 YEARS OF SLAVERY...YOUR REWARD VERY GRACIOUS....YOU DO KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE DONE NO !!???? 

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