Tuesday, January 7, 2020

I got very angry and I appologise for it

I do believe in angels. They have very little to do with government operations if anything at all - not beyond need to help and there were many along the way.

Reason for anger is MKultra scenario with computer purchase. Bought four and returned 4 to MediaMarkt store just to be told past even 14 days money return limit on how I need number of returned items or no return will be granted at all. In fact how I dont even exist in computer system leaving me with some 250zloty on bank account. Gestured under MKultra if not finding job immediately to be left on street homeless etc.(its insult and not motivation really).

That I should act diplomatically/cool - will be judged according to my actions for which many people would feel to demolute store(you too would be angry about clown scenario which demands from you unemployed to visit instead of job search rather store and police for the sake of stolen money which also is implicated in thefts via refusal of assistance in the past) .... act cool after even computer paperwork was stolen from the car during moving process - act cool after being sidelined(spent three days homeless in the car like it or not) throughout entire city to specific location, so more proof$$$ could be submitted to @whoevercurruptcriminalblocksmyrighttobealive to makje someone else look good and fill their pockets.

Returned computer paperwork was also stolen as I was told by car owner case will be...

Off course I am portraying example of bad citizen(its not even myself as I mention "demoluting store" issue), but what is "good" in this case !!??? Obviously either as quiet homeless on street or do it the "civilisied" way.

Why dont they try mess since they love to take advantage of one against person compelled in garage during winter time !!?? Mess in which you compelled me via place so cold and wounds so painful that I had to even sort one out in library should be something you should try - not normal people whom you diagnosed as insane.

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