Friday, January 4, 2019

KGB officer from Minsk was transferred to the same room

As I arrived at 2030 back from library, I have encountered in the room along with Chechen Russian a KGB officer Valerio rom Minsk who suposedly would become my new roommate according to building employee. Was told that he was transferred to the room by state bureau.

Police intervened in the case which I reported against him three months ago...individual assaulted me with other roommate and have in addition caused physical harm. How can this people believe that I will allow him inside of the room after all this !!???

Police was called and I will get him out even if they suggest him to stay. Incidents are orchestrated always on Fridays so nothing could be done in respect to them. Will be done this time because of what took place in the past and because if what I owe him from 3 months ago.

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