Thursday, January 24, 2019

My doppelganger on political platform, Australian KGB asset known as Juluan Assange does yet another shadow copy of my case to silence me

They censor you(turn video view numbers 1000 or more into one), ignore you on courts and police, and even shadow you.
With a KGB asset in the White House and even with what you see here, things can become very very complicated.

Each and every time governments took criminal steps against me, this very individual surfaced - is used to steer attention from real case into a artificial issues created by US gov. alone with idea to destabilise world for thgecsake ifvthe Russia("new normal is abnormal" recepe used to drive world insane, so one would tolerate somehow whatvwevwitnes is on political stage)...Julian Assange was involved in MKultra along with Donald Trump(this criminal who is a very close friend of Slovenian KGB philosopher Slavoj Zizek assisted Trump in elections), got extremely well compensated for his work via Russian crypto currency known as bitcoin.
Slavoj Zizek who was involved in MKultea case against me is also from Slovenia just as Melania Trump is.

At no surprise, he is on surface again - compare date of my complain with his idea of complain to get an idea about what goes on.
New face of humanity is a face of fanced with mental asylum barb wire a brave one !!!

From wherever you want on internet...much worse than Orwell is "Big brother is watching you"....

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