Saturday, January 19, 2019

Yet another MKultra item have found its way back into my case...

It is authentic and will go on ebay(not ebay, but instead Amazon) auction(both - cost for each) for about 15% of the price for recently sold tuna in Japan...
Related to
It brought fortune to the negotiation tables of both sides... Made politicians and busenes people super wealthy from both sides and once gone from scene, complains traced all the way to Asia(China, North Korea, India, Japan - I cite Trump, "not the same any more since you were gone".... Milos Zeman, Kaczynski, Pahor, Vucic and others referred to me as Gold Boy).  Money asked for each item is a pocket money for here mentioned people. 

Both are in about same shape and I will understand a purchase as a big time form of help out of total poverty in which I was compelled. ASKING PRICE WILL RESOLVE ISSUES FOR SOME TIME AND GIVE ME ENOUGH TO INCREASE CAPITAL VIA HONEST WORK.

Purchase of this items doesn't resolve court claims involved against countries in my case in any way. 

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