Thursday, January 24, 2019

Have successfully blocked virus from telephone which is used to turn your screen recording software into web transmitor

Whenever I would use camera or other programs, screen recording programs would be trigered and this way all my information was observed via Wifi or Bluetooth by residents of this Russian Al-Qaeda center in Grotnikih.

Would love to turn for immediate attention in respect to this issue to police, but where is police when you need one(over 20kilometers from here and they would also confiscate me tablet just as was done in Slovenia with new laptop)...Russians have armed their partners very very well.

This is by far worse than keylogger...

Beside Islamic Chechen Russians we also have at least two Islamic Russians from Tajikistan. Its the same thing. They are all confused(alarmed) today because of this issue.

Russia is not choosy in respect to partnership concerning crime...this place overly stinks

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