Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Have learned more yesterday about one(librarian) than under entire MKultra procedure + 5 months long stay here

She was deeply concerned(panicking mode that went as far as depriving me of almost one hour upon my arrival and even attempt for some more as 3 out of 4 computers didnt work - have spent day on the phone mouthing/loughing loudly with friends rather than to call for assistance)  about my earning any penny over online surveys...

No I don't care what she does... I just want to be capable to use public services after two phones were destroyed(one stollen) and laptop incapacitated... thats all. I prefer friends and its what hunted me big time in her case due to severe MKultra brainwash(they made whole thing in a way that would make you self doubt about who one trully is - see signs of friendship rather than reality).

No such thing... I have nothibg to do with her otger than stated above.

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