Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Complain against EU Court for Human Rights which was submitted to European Commission on January 17th, might have been modified via hacking into my blogger(gmail) account the very next day...

Poland knows no borders when it comes to crime.
Is complain still the same or not(was one modified the very next day by Russians), I do not know.

More...out of three USB cables which can connect or charge tablet with computer(transfer files), none can transfer files to computer(to any in library) any longer. They are good for charging only and charging is probably twice or even three times slower than what normally the case would be.

I can also not use my new and never ever used Gembird cable micro USB 2.0 OTG BM -> 2x USB AF + micro BF - was about 20(almost 1/3 of monthly advance - 5 Euros) Zloty I think.

 Who would have thought they make them at Gamebird THESE DAYS like this...

Word "bewilder" translates in Polish to:

wprawiać w zakłopotanie

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