Thursday, January 24, 2019

In Poland, I should spek either Serbian or Russian to communicate with police

Two ununiformed individuals unexpectedly(no prior announcement or anything) arrived from Zgierz....I would say for what I do not know since my situation in respect to safety was not their concern, but what they have used as an pretense for a visit. Male after my declining to communicate in Polish wanted to communicate in Serbian language primarily...or Russian or even Czech or Slovak would go....

As they wouldn't supply even emails where I could communicate them updated complain(My blog got Russian editors in Poland and I would like to ensure they get all proofs), there was no reason to thank them for anything.

Poland is a dangerous state where international or EU laws in respect to safety of its citizens do not apply. I would advise people to deal with extra caution in respect to Poland and preferably not at all. Poland sucks money from EU states by undermining its principles not only economically(minimum wage a bit over 2 Euros an hour so exploitation of workforce from the West can take place - your jobs in UK don't exist because someone in EU is undermining its economical and sociological/justice principles to instead build with its violations Russia and not even Poland), but also sociologically.

Poland didn't gain independence from Russia(USSR) yesterday, but it sure feels so. Free EU grants, free EU this, free EU that give give give and get less than nothing in return.

Police visit(delayed for 4 months) was used for coming whitch hunting procedure against me(its coming) according to MKultra(individual suposedly would help me by asserting Serbian as language of communication because its unusual, but result suggested that I would be thrown out via threats within very short period of time) alone meaning that Poland will now demonstrate its real face also publicly.

Fact that this type of harassments would go under MKultra this far, proofs beyond any doubt the sincerity of one.

I have rejected future(offered) police communication even in Slovenian language because of issue known as SLAVIC PRIDE WORLD WIDE(see my forum for details)...let world see what kinds of pride this is.

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