Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Putin gestores that WWII history of Leningrad(today's St. Petersburg) shouldn't be forgotten in respect to nazis, but forgets to mention who murdered 632,000 people of which nearly 4,000 people were starved to death on Christmas Day, 1941

Word "Gemany" or "German" before "nazis" doesn't come out of Putin's mouths...not easily and not at all...youi may be asking yourself why...
Not difficult to understad why...it is quite obvious about who is financing war(was about 40 billion USD a year in 2016/2017 which for broken economy in which over 20 million Russians subsit on less than $140 per month is astronomical ammount of money) against Ukraine and entire Eastern Europe. It is evill and historical. Will Poland and Ukraine somehow manage to break away from abusive neighborhood's relationship is questionable...Russia and Germany will not let go easily.
Knows nothing about who did it and his tactics are no different from those in the past we have seen.

Germany also wants to act as intermediary(related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2019/01/100-agree-with-unian-calling-on-ukraine.html)... and its obvious on whose behalf(why).
Not nazi at all...
Its only coincidental tactics and choice of partners that Russia is using...

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