Monday, January 28, 2019

Poland removed from my genocide claim against Russia, Slovenia, and Serbia

The truth is that few days ago, I was hurt beyond what is known to any of you as beyond...the truth is that I do want my Polish angel more than anything in this world and truth is that no country can offer me more in this world than Poland - that is if we all do our parts.

My intention with Poland this way remains the same.

This man dreamed about how he would use removal of my claim against Poland at his advantage to scam me...if I do not see any positive moves in respect to Polish politic, claim will find its way back. I will not support(walfare) any kinds of Soviet rhetorics nor will I be used as a private($$$) trade option for anyone. 

Enough evill was done to me in my life time. You as a nation/country bare enormous ammount of responsibility for one.

Fair enough !!???

Thank you

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