Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Polish consul sent home from Norway...

I would like to yell its neonazi/fascist way as I did in the past, but real question is what is happening in Poland and across the Eastern Europe..."take and give" goes both ways, but this will never become clear in heads of people who make important decisions on behalf of people across the Eastern Europe.
Those who consequently suffer are on the bottom of the societies - defenceless Polish families who run abroad for piece of bread and people like myself(politically persecuted people) which are sold and resold by both sides.

We can cry all we want, but there was only ONE Norwegian female that Poland took inside so far, so counter argument on this news will remain entrapped in heads of politicians located in Warsaw. 


Poland has nothing to offer to anyone from the West(not because of the living standards which right now are very good in Poland, but foremost because of what one is)

Low Polish wage doesn't determine living standards as those do compare to West. People here do have houses, apartments, cars and so on..they live in a great comfort - pay less and get the same.

Seems like there will always be Polish immigrants(if not economic, then political - most likely both because the two factors are related to one another) to the West and never any from the West to Poland.

The ministry’s spokesperson Ane Haavardsdatter Lunde told Norway’s NTB news agency that the decision was taken over Kowalski’s “performance in several consular cases which is incompatible with the role a diplomat, including conduct towards public officials.”

Kowalski is known for his conflict with Norway's Barnevernet child protection service over the rights of Polish children, Poland’s PAP news agency reported.

He has helped 150 Polish families who faced the loss of custody of their children in Norway under decisions issued by the Barnevernet, according to the news agency.

In 2016, Kowalski was named Consul of the Year by Poland’s foreign ministry for his "adequate action and skilful collaboration" with Norwegian authorities "in cases involving underage Polish nationals remaining under the custody of local welfare services.”

The diplomat has three weeks to leave Norway.

Poland has granted asylum to a Norwegian woman who fears officials in her home country would take her young child away, her lawyer was cited as saying by Polish media last month.


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