Tuesday, January 29, 2019

NOBODY DESERVES RUSSIAN OIL/GASS - RUSSIAN "PIPE DREAM" DILEMMA IN RESPECT TO NORWEGIAN OIL/GASS ANSWERED: Poland’s gas pipeline ambition is just a pipe dream, industry expert tells RT

Everybody in this world incl. Russians deserves better that Russian(present) energy resources - more !!!
Russia has nothing to offer and even less to lough about to anyone...added Norwegian oil option to what you see here is a very positive one.

Made in Poland

Made in Poland

Ethanol is nothing new, but on the steady rise https://ethanolrfa.org/issues/ethanol-engines/, Ukraine(specially Ukraine) and Poland a heaven for productionn of ethanol.

Clean and healthy alternative to dirty Russian "oil" option if you want to consider one on the first place...
Russian oil is about the worst(it stinks too much - it drove insane with its stank entire world) investment anyone can possibly make.

From desperate RT.COM:

The planned gas pipeline linking Poland to Norway via Denmark is a “senseless waste of money” that could harm the European energy market, the deputy director general for gas issues at the National Energy Security Fund has told RT.

The construction of the Baltic Pipe, a joint project of Poland’s state-owned Gaz-System and Danish company Energinet, is aimed at cutting Warsaw’s reliance on Russian natural gas. It is expected to be finished in 2022 when Poland’s long-term deal with Russian gas major Gazprom expires. The 900km pipeline has the capacity to deliver 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually, and is set to stretch through the Baltic Sea, where the Russian Nord Stream already lies.

However, the project may not be worth the money that Europe has invested in it, Alexei Grivach of the National Energy Security Fund told RT. He explained that Norway already has a system of gas delivery to Europe, including Germany, the UK, France and Belgium. The country’s gas output is also already “at maximum capacity” and is decreasing.

“This means that when the construction of the Baltic Pipe is finished, it will be necessary to lower the volumes of Norwegian gas sent to the markets of North-Western Europe… So the beginning of Norwegian gas supplies to Poland means a disruption in the gas balance” of the region, Grivach said.

Increasing the energy supply from Norway to Poland could also raise costs for other European countries, the energy expert believes.

“It is just a senseless waste of money in terms of the united [European gas] market, as the European customers will bear all the expenses for this gas pipeline,” the analyst warned. He added that Europeans will have to pay for infrastructure that was not actually necessary.

As the Baltic Pipe route overlaps with Russia’s existing Nord Stream pipeline, Poland will have to come to an agreement with Russia's Gazprom, the Financial Times reported, citing an energy analyst from Polityka Insight. The overlap of the two gas pipelines is a matter of security for both projects, Grivach told RT. He noted that the Polish operator will have to coordinate with its Russian counterparts regarding the technical details of the crossover, but such issues can be “routinely” solved.

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