Friday, January 4, 2019

Kaczynsky's Russian KGB pown who assaulted me 3 months ago now transferred into my room

Video can be also seen at

This incident is related to the owner of the building complex about whom I have spoken today and is seen by Polish police as a joke...building employee laughed in my face when I requested from her immediate removal of individual with whom I had conflict 3 months ago...I was suggested by police(all audio recorded) to wait for assault to repeat, sugested to contact embassy of my country against whom I have filed political asylum, , sugested to find myself another place to stay, sugested to call building owner and so on...asked by police what am doing here in Poland at all...told how I should just along well with Russians and so on. This type of approach exposes entierly Polish police's involevemt in the case which refused to assist for no less than 3 hours tonight...

I am obviously not welcome in Poland. Once police does stuff like this in Eastern Europe is just best to pack and go...they are never held responsible for anything because system dates back to USSR.

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