Friday, June 2, 2023

On my mothers' side following sons and daughters of single grandmother were all registered and actively participated as partisans(OF)





and Vida with one brother killed in action. My mother and aunt Slavica didn't participate as partisans during WW due to their age 8 and less at the time. 6 out of 8 kids with single mother as well. 

I, however, wouldn't recognise any longer any one of them except uncle Jože who loved me despite everything as my relative during MK Ultra due to degree of betrayal and violence they alone orchestrated on behalf of Milan Kučan who meant to them MORE than national liberation front. Due to degree of torture under MK Ultra, I soon no longer have recognised my sister, my mother and/or my father.

British royals and Americans video and audio recorded my early stages of MK Ultra in which it was evident I demonstrated support for partisans, but due to degree of violence have distanced my views from those of natives to seek refuge rather in newly founded British royals and was constantly inquiring from them about how they wanted me to pursue my view as.... those, however, have proven itself to be inline with Russian just as of Milan Kučan and was systematically following them via MK Ultra into the grave. They wouldn't let go because money was too big and Russians demanded me at the table even once I immigrated to USA in 1995. The more butcheries went on, the more defiant and hateful toward my own people I was becoming. Was my mothers' side the most partisan family in Slovenia !!???? Have your say....


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