Sunday, June 25, 2023

MK ULTRA - German Turkish guy identified at local supermarket known as Mercator - we haven't spoke to one another, but he was involved since 1998 or so

He is about 190cm tall and gained few extra pounds. Was always buying a BMW and since sometimes in 2012 - always brand new BMW. Could have been his already third new BMW.

He was raised by a single mother in apartment building in Munich. Worked always in a same factory. He got married in with German blonde whose parents own a house(I think she was only child, but possibility has in it that she also has a sister - no brothers). Together with her, couple has at least one child since 2005/2006. He had MBW newer model probably  BMW 5 series or BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo...also was a very nice guy, but I wouldn't know who if interviewing one at the store.

Car was facing road and was dar green/blue  - also night as is seen

He has good friends where he often times stays very near - this is store is his most often stop what means we will meet again.

I think he visits Novo mesto due to some business relations with factory where one is employed in Munich. He got that job(probabaly promotion) via this case in approximately 1999 - 2002 

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