Friday, June 16, 2023

In 1988, Thailand came on a picture and that also explains in details where all went to hell and for whose sake(how)

Chinese "apologized" to me in 1990 as to have nothing available in China for guy of my magnitude citing me communism, but Thailand that did.

Most advertised by illuminates as to what i should see myself in as but I am not black and I fought back with everything I had....
I fought back mentally and physically including against those(those who plundered lives on foreign continents since beginning of the time - colonizers) whom they demanded from me to see myself in and who never should have been part of something that destitute them alone for 43 years. This is not to say  that I might not marry tomorrow a black woman or whomever, but that I would be mentally ill if would see myself in anything humanity had to offer and have offered - need to go visit father who is on a death bed and whom "HUMANITY" AFTER USING ONE TO ITS FULL EXTENT wanted to wipe out of my life just as mother to paint whole new more prefect picture of themselves next to $$$$. Yes, I would be mentally ill but I am not. Its when one starts to see himself in boats as seen above that real plots take over and your life goes into a path unknown.


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