Thursday, June 29, 2023

What British monsters REPEATED me at my age 8(probabaly 3rd grade of grammar school) after already 2 years of torture via Moscow !!????

I cite prince Charles and Andrew, "You don't know how many we have seen like you, but seemed kinds of special to us"....that was 44 years ago that British royals begun saving me from certain death and apparently through perhaps just as much torture than even what Russia committed, somehow couldn't save me. Nice

Von der Layen who also was on picture since my early age and ALLWAYS WAS RIGHT HAND FROM ANGELA MERKEL(she was not as earl as Merkel, but Ursula participated with passion), became my personal lawyer and have collected/hired kids who would give me unconditional support in Moscow from throughout entire Western Europe - those advocated me and at least did their best to depict me together with their mentors how they too were subject to evaluation which I never ever will belive or accept. Written here are facts, so factual that geniuses that never ever were drugged up like myself(ALLWAYS WAS DRUGGED UP). and whom I mention above remember shit about what went on. They all worked together....British royals just as Americans participated in Moscow BEHIND COURTAINS AND NOT COURTAIN since probably end of the WW2. 

Information is so important(so brutaly depicted as it 100% was - more preserved than what any account from anyone present could give) that I will not even save any portion of text for you to open this link. AND THEY CLAIMED ME I KNEW NOT WHO I WAS/AM. COMPARED ME WITH ANIMAL. CONTRARY TO VON DER LEYEN'S LONDON CLAIMS WHERE SHE USED FAKE NAME, SHE DESPLAYED ZERO FEAR IN MOSCOW WITH EXCEPTION TO TRALALA FROM MERKEL. @MERKEL - HUH !!??????

British were involved since my age 7 if not 6. Since times when they had me learn Russian language in Moscow.

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