Thursday, June 2, 2022

You collectively as people in UK and USA are nothing more than beasts - YOU, YOURSELF GO AND SEARCH FOR GOD/GOOD IN SATAN AS IS SATAN ONLY THAT DENIES HUMAN EVEN A HOPE AND THEN PLAYS WITH HIS SANITY TO BITTER END(28 years in my case)....

Makes no difference if for republicans or democrats or everything in common faith is the one of Lucifer - owners of psychiatric wards through which you all implement your bill of rights/constitution or whatever lies. These here stated is what also defines your real identity as per "democracy" as nation.

MK ULTRA IS A PLAY OUT OF SATAN'S BOOK(HIS BIBLE) AND COMPELLING ONE INTO SEARCH OF GOOD IN PURE EVIL THROUGH PLAY WITH ONE'S IS HOPE(last corner of sanity via psychiatry - forced unemployment, cancer, spine breaking methods) IS A REGULAR MOTTO OF SATAN. 

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