Monday, April 5, 2021

Aleš Hojs(Slovenian interior minister) was with Borut Pahor aside from work inseparable during MK Ultra like shirt and pants since 2010.

 Aleš Hojs insisted not only on my getting involved myself into world of Serbian mafia as how one distributed me via his own individual to EX WIFE OF Željko Ražnatović since 2003 TIME AND AGAIN - OVER AND OVER AGAIN(Aleš Hojs became a #1 link with Belgrade), but further created DEADLY PLOT AGAINST ME IN WHICH HE INVOLVED MY FATHER BY SUPPOSEDLY(I have no proofs and no proofs were ever presented to me about stated - its what possibly even Serbia chetniks involved in MK Ultra made up) FILMING ONE IN BOSNIA ALONG CHETNIKS INCITING IN ETHNIC CLEANSING - NEXT TO WAR CRIMINALS WHO BROUGHT HIM IN THERE WITH IDEA TO SET HIM UP(INCITED HIM IN WHATEVER AND FILM ONE) ON WHAT THOSE DISTRIBUTED MATERIAL ALSO TO SLOVENIAN GOVERNMENT - TO ALES HOJS/BORUT PAHOR AND OTHERS TO BE PRECISE.WITH IDEA TO BLACKMAIL ONE INTO CRIME AGAINST ME PER ALEKSANDAR VUCIC AND VLADIMIR PUTIN - EITHER HIM OR I TO STATE IN A PLAIN AND SIMPLE SENTENCE.

Aleš Hojs(Slovenian interior minister) also threatened with future persecution(from mental hospital to compelling me into another run for life across the border and even "kill") if I wouldn't see it his way. See his way was to simply see nothing. 

Jelko Kacin/Lojze Peterle claimed to knew nothing about Jože Pučnik's death to me - his death is not as is stated in wikipedia. It was a list of tragedies that led Jože Pučnik from one issue to other till he had nothing left other than to take me for a walk around some Slovenian lake on what he with bitter heart left his homeland in total agony - so disgusted with what went on that he wouldn't even state who in his party and how. Not even real cause mattered to one o reveal.

Everyone was involved in MK Ultra case - including son of Ivan Kramberger.

Aleš Hojs(now Slovenian interior minister next to Slovenian president Borut Pahor) anticipated in plane and simple to create family tragedy through issue stated above. This is how my father and so on. Another issue that motivated father and mom into cooperation with stated is my niece Urska Golob Weber and her husband Mitja Weber(those sold themselves for $$$ and took pledge to destroy me at all costs(during time of Serbian chetnik Slobodan Milošević - made first contact with Golob family upon his arrival to Novo mesto in 1995) who committed horrendous crimes against me... they had to make a choice like it or not is how and why...

In respect to Bosnia, I have nothing to do with issue of father. If he did committed crimes against humanity, those rest on shoulders of those against whom were committed(do as you feel is right to do - you will also help me in case you do have such proofs) - but for what he have done to me personally, I will not let get away any party mentioned here(not him either). He went to drive me insane all the way to the bitter end and pushed forward gas poisoning issue which along other issues was the most serious threat to my life. Poison most likely is occasionally supplied to them even from niece side during their visits which strictly occurred during my absence. I do have proofs about other issues used anywhere from cooking to rust inside of the boiler - it wasn't water that needed cooking - it was water that was hot that had rust in it(drinking cold water corrected problem in many ways - we are talking about variety of issues used in here that also include what appears are occasional heavy radiation doses). Too smart along dementia play they reinvented on behalf of local psychiatrist Peter Kaps.

Walked 15km today barely any improvement - this gas shit they leak inside of room at night holds it for days at the time - you can walk and drink water all you want it takes time to bring it back to somewhat normal(if you avoid garbage food and keep dynamic despite lack of sleep) on what you get another deadly dose...Zoran Mudza(psychiatrist in Ljubljana already in Belgrade at present - retired) worked as was told in military facility with military grade poisons in YU army. They didn't have directed energy weapons back then, but military grade poisons yes. Not such a new tactic in field of psychiatry.

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