Monday, April 5, 2021

About chemical agents(poisoning) and its more

 Sergei from Belarus told me that if I will mention anything I would use in my room, they would go as far as using poison(chemical agent) on it - such was the case with his blanket one used to support arm during sleep due to pain in his arm(bulged gland node) and such was the case with box I used to support mine - once I mentioned how I got read of pain in arm, the next day box would give me terrible cough once I attempted to use on(I knew immediately what happened and don't use one any longer)....inside of Renault factory in 2006 even that smoking is prohibited with signs along assembly line, workers involved in MK Ultra begun to smoke Marlboro cigarettes of some kind(IF those were Marlboro cigarettes and not some other agents inside of tobacco) what causing me choking - supposedly same type of cigarettes truck
driver with whom I went for a day trip from Slovenia to Poland have used and what also caused me choking - they very much evaluated chemical poisons under MK Ultra procedure, so they know precisely which to use to look as harmless as possible. All those signs I was left with yesterday from my niece knowing that something will go wrong and then this tell me well...I have also noticed sound as if air push during sleep, so chances that chemical agents are being used along other stuff are 100% factual.

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