Monday, January 6, 2020

Visit to Czech Republic Hradec Kralove on January 5th, 2020

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Was in this city already in 2000(perhaps even in 1999). With Angela Merkel team, Milos Zeman, Kaczynkies etc...can give detailed breakdown on how it all went structure wise. 
Hradec Kralove is located between Warszaw and Prague is why lol. Germans started business investments prior to Poland. Didn't feel comfortable filming this(don't like myself onthis video, but its not bad one) because of lady next to me who might believed I am filing her - didn't and do not unless I have permission to from person. Tablet was about to die - low on battery and videos just wouldn't complete due to problems with loading pages :)))

Trip lol - left car in area where  identified people etc. who gave me confirmations. Mechanics who helped me with few details in respect to refrigerant replacement in Polish city Klodzko also ensured rear view mirror would fell off upon my return from Czech Republic, car would pull funny on side, left headlamp required replacement, right side direction light cover disappeared etc...great trip despite all. Slept in car for two days, but did it.

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