Thursday, January 2, 2020

Realized on time

#1 KGB run Grotniki immigration center where nazi Americans presented issue of good vs Russian evil(with exception of few conflicts which raised my awareness high enough to understand I was not dealing with angels, but rather Trump's evil) didn't have problem presenting me with KGBs in my face because...

#2 Because in Zgierz(here is where real beating took place including crippling) nazi Americans presented themselves in full light as for they really stood for(total abuse from their side became evident in Zgierz at selected points more than anywhere/at any time - and they wanted that way - they wanted for me to see British and Americans as enemies on behalf of Putin), and because of controlled movements which solely assisted Vladimir Putin via controlled environments such as Polish employers, landlords(ALL had foreign interests - Dabrowska 20 American, Lodzka Russian, and present one British American - all of which served foreign and not domestic interests - foreign, however, were in bed and are in bed with Putan Putanowich) and selected individuals from Ukraine(mixed Russian Ukrainians blended into Ukrainian environment and sheltered by Zgierzan/Lodz police which took orders straight from Warszaw - totally sold option to foreign political interests) :)))) its why #1 about which Putin didn't have to worry much at all - the opposite as he knew a real ordeal is waiting in Zgierz.

And the last, but not the least - #3 I am wishing you all happy New Year ;)

Vladimir Putin = bird with shit instead of brain on chessboard

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