Friday, January 3, 2020

Justin Trudeau and his Vancover's MKultra rescue operation(2002-2005)

Canadians wanted to help badly before it would get all too late, but it was too late even when I arrived there with idea to apply for basic human right known as political asylum - in 2009. Two polarized communities formed arround me almost just as in Poland. In fact, Poles took iniciative in crime against me when there - can point out Polish people who did. Some even immigrated to Canada via this very MKultra case. Poles in Poland where tortuterd, claimed unjistice(cried) during MKultra torture to be victims of nazis and cried to politicians till those would give them $$$ offers.

 Case as such couldn't go anywhere other than into trash can despite desperate attempts of Canadians to help....

From state offices where I was in 2010(people which handled case) to possible rentals - all the same people accomodated me as in MKultra as between 2002/2005. People in state offices were in fact people whom I met also in Miami at 1STOPWORKFORCE INNOVATION AGENCY(state gency for employment) along the Biscayne Blvd. Some involved in case already in 1995/1996.

This also is why I was so angry with whole world. You had no right to do what you have done.

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