Sunday, January 5, 2020

In Poland,150 Euros for room is a joke - with salaries that pay 500/600 Euros that is

That is right. Crime goes on. Corresponded with many landlors via OLX up to 600Zl for private room and seems no interest on the other end - whatsoever. Cold is biting for the past 4 months badly - all for joy of few willng to pay for circus. Lodz is actually huge city - bigger than any in Slovenia. On foot today through enormous appartment area just as in the past - also without success. Get reminded of MKultra on and on, but no rental available. Qute violent procedure. Then I get on OLX as seen here posting - gesturing me to open wallet and pay more than 600zl. I will not because I am not dumb. For tiny heated room and in Poland(4/5 times lesser pay than in Germany or Slivenia), 600 is a fortune. I also get lessoned from what compared to my work standars would be vagabonds about work ethics. Insultive and extremely violent now winter environment. Polish Mediamarkt confiscated from me 1800zl worth cash in computers since I returned them - told they have 14 days money return policy and so on.

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