Wednesday, January 8, 2020

I would go to complain to police in Poland, but am afraid I would mistaken one for thugs

I know video recordings in these places doesn't look to damn well, but important here are messages. Light detectors in kitchen turned on and off normal :)))
Video can be also seen at 

Individual from Ukraine(Ukrainian but 100% not Ukrainian and if Russian, only a disgrace for Russia) at Zagajnikowa 24 in Zgierz ripped apart two watches, extension cord, knifed light, several pairs of gloves, power bank and so on...electronic equipment such as power bank, light, laptop charger etc. in a form that would raise my suspicion about damage created on a new location. This very Ukrainian Russian Gruzian Belarus Polish location which in fact I love :))) love these people so far very very much. 

What else I learned at this location - Putin had a problem with me because of Russian female with a lots of Chinese DNA whom I liked a lot under MKultra - gave me class in Moscow along with Medvedev on what is and what not Russian/Slavic(because he is a sideways flying neonazi fascist pig - servant of everything hateful on the West is why).

Chinese people know I love them and so do Ukrainians/Russians and off course my Poles.

Returned in direction of Lodz from Czech republic just to find myself again at location(yes, you knew I will get in here - however, there is no legitimate excuse for your taking chance to get me in if you truly would care for it) for which I was told as explained in video, explains to me whole thing from the very very right and FINAL perspective(not only myself, but honey you fooled/betrayed people of Poland right here in Lodz as well as people who believed in you abroad and just as someone would want you too)

THAT I WILL BE TOO OLD AND THIS WOULD BE LAST CHANCE HA !!????? Aaaaha...sure still anything is possible...however, with good explanation and two children first(minimum requirement) on what marriage in your case would follow ;)))) I now live life again(not on any remote controller), so you may want to hurry if ever...

Area around hostel 100% identified legit - all the way to 2003 if good enough and without single mistake. same with people inside of the hostel. I was not only at their work with the few, but even inside of their homes in Ukraine(with Gruzian gentleman in Italy/Trieste - Berlusconi and so on). Take this.

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