Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Video - Poland will forgive me - Will press criminal and discrimination charges against Poland

Because of what is written bellow, but know that I feel ashamed(ashamed to make such claim in front of those who owe to Poland and against country I love unconditionally) as never before when releasing this videos.
Video can be seen also at

Video can be seen also at

Will see myself as a human being and no longer as someone who needs to endlessly sacrifice for the sake of issues which were used to destroy me here in Poland and along with me also Polish people who sacrificed...

I pledge  to you Polish people whom I owe(and want to owe because of what you have done for me and have through in some cases even for me) that I will stay in Poland for the rest of my life and that everything via my claims will be invested in Poland one way or the other - you are my guide in this life and your well being is and will continue to stay my main concern.

I have the proof(indisputable proof in my hands) about claim as stated above...

Yet another MKultra proof in which; however, immigrant is identified as I reveal his/her personal information to him/her from the past and which only someone with deep knowledge of his/her past would know - there is much much more I know about this person in case additional details would be necessary - will not state for now if it is for her or him till I get green light from person or till am actually out of the center.

Bot no, I am not going from Poland either way and never ever will. 

I will have Polish family here(my Polish wife and my Polish kids are my life wish/dream). I do seen here just to be asked by them one day questions in respect to all(incl. loughter)...

Videos were completed by 0900am and I state this because Mr. Morwiecki blended his discrimination news(which I very much agree with, but to get more from others more must be done - trust has a lot to play in whole game) latter on today with one seen here(did same as Trump and all others as it nixes seen here to zero, but it also proofs yet again that that much more is going on here than just innocent lessons of Polish language).

Perhaps funny to note that my views are very much the same those of Morawiecki anrd Duda, but impossible to ignore the situation which governmentvhave created to push me away from my life wish.

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