Saturday, January 12, 2019

Three busses stop infront of immigration center at 2130

It was unusually quiet in the center this afternoon...then as stated in the title happened - adults children stepped out...

Sometimes in 2010 or so, I was told(and asked for opinion - I consider this as more criminal sadistic and insane than whole MKultra procedure and rehearsal of one) when subjected to MKultra about future filming of entire event - MKultra's rehersal and even gestured how I would get paid some large sume of money(Warszaw producers would make contract with producers who create reality shows for elites only - large ammount of money is involved)...then Americans told me that I will not even have the right to know anything in respect to the show - how one will remain undisclosed and that elites alone had to even sign contracts prior to entitelment to one as see nothing, know nothing, hear nothing. However, that there is a way to get the truth out, but will stop here.

Where have these people gone tonight I do not know(I am not saying AT ALL how they would have meeting related to reality show - its just a bit strange and designed for one to guess which I will not), but I am certain 100% about stated in between on this page and confident in respect to my statement and that this too will be revealed.

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