Thursday, January 10, 2019

Simply working on legal claims

1) Will complain against EU Court for Human Rights which have protected violations against me committed by Slovenia on behalf of Russia and Serbia - will be done via CJEU.

2) Will charge Poland with heavy discrimination(will hold on for now with MKultra torture charges as money from Poland doesn't do a single thing for me - the core idea is to invest in one and not take from one whatever they have managed to somehow collect over two
decades via 2 Euros minimum wage to rebuild the country - I honest to God am facing huge personal problem/dilemma here because it is extremely hard for me to pull out even discrimination claim against one - to claim discrimination against people whom you love unconditionally is impossible, but if you do it for the people I think is okay somehow - it is not my fold and I want to offer nation what others have historically failed) case via EU Court for Human Rights.

I didn't come to Poland to collect the money, I came to bless people with one instead.

I don't want anything from Poland other than my Polish wife and kids. To get to them, I have no choice. Was pushed over the bridge to many times.

3) Open cases on national levels against other countries as well(via US court, Germany, France, Israel and so on). You had no right to engage in MKultra torture against me and all other methods which you have used during and in post period of one to even cover up crime as if one didn't exist(EU Court for Human rights and its Ombudsman were over the years main tools used to silence my voice and empower those who acted against me with ability to engage in violence against me even more severely).

Miscellaneous which will never stop:

4) Open case against Mark Dillon(ICC) also on courts as police dockets were already open(and more will be open in addition to what was open). This individual have caused enormous harm and is second to EU court to be blamed for my misfortune that took away from me no less than 23 years of my life.

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