Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Scripted Trump does little to convince anyone on anything(not only skeptics or in respect to on border wall, but as a human being concerning sane society). It is over for crazier than even brick in the wall

 "Little" is less than nothing unless US want to cut itself from the rest of the world for the sake of sicker than sick Moscowian regime which bye far worse even than the one in North Korea(situation in Russia is very bad as poverty is on every step of the way, and North Korean tensions with rest of the world exist solely because of Moscow). World already paid astronomic price for this type of fascist politic and US today rejected further madness which would develop on Southern border. It is crucial for US to not only reject Russian alike beast which Putin have build on border between stolen Crimea and Ukraine, but to ensure that Russia stays secured behind such wall for good(sealed from any kind of trade with EU and West and choked/drowned in own oil supplies which were and are used for war against Eastern Europe).
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I will demonstrate Donnie's situation with photos as there is nothing more to add to one(sometimes photos are worth more than words)...but no, not does US or nor can any other EU member state afford themselves a fascist neonazi politic from Moscow. Globe is a little too big and just a bit to complex for Adolf Hitler's(Putan Putanowich) play from Kremlin.


BRICK IN THE WALL"(trust me, this KGB dude in the White House is crazier than brick in the wall).

With fall of T H E "WALL"(evil KGB idiot who is hiding behind one in Washington DC), another idiot will also depart soon Kremlin or be simply served with cup of hot tea. Tiny Russia(150 million people all together) won't be able to afford much longer "affordless"(what so far only Hitler, Mussolini, and Japan have tried). 

"Turn into retard..its good for need wall", says Putin.

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