Wednesday, January 2, 2019

KGB criminal(TWITTER KING) in the white House is undoubtedly sick in the head - Trump "slams"(HYSTERICALLY GESTURES TO FOX NEWS JOURNALIST TO OBTAIN OPINION ABOUT HER FROM HER PSYCHIATRIST) Warren as she explores 2020 bid

He doesn't match presidential candidate Elisabeth Warren even up to her knees if you ask me(actually wimp doesn't match to knees any female on earth in my opinion as his previously somehow tolerated by public idiotic "you are fired" apprentism in the White House is rejected at large across the American and global spectrum 
 dude came out even as closeted neonazi; never mind his other deeds - minimizing, diminishing, downgrading females of all backgrounds ended with inability to cope with planest of the plane logic - all the way to total lack of what should at least s.o.m.e.w.h.a.t rational approach/response toward another presidential FEMALE candidate) as Trump's(is 72 years old) responses CLEARLY continue to indicate mind of very frustrated 6th grader who would like to give out opinion(expertee) on psychiatric issues concerning other presidential candidate even that he knows nothing about them. Something we have not seen so far coming even from what used to be USSR.
CRETIN IN ACTION...ITS HARD TO FIGURE OUT CRETIN WHEN ONE IS POSITIONED IN A ROLE AS SEEN HERE, BUT ENTIRE SKY FALLS DOWN ON GARBAGE WHEN ONE IS EXPOSED TO AT LEAST SOMEWHAT PRESSURE(its what happened to Donnie once he got to hold his first real job in life time at age 70 - wearing presidential suit, you are not suitable to sell even hamburgers at McDonalds Donnie).

DEGRADING WHEN IT COMES TO FEMALES(dehumanizing - compare/value them as items such as pencils, demean, disgrace, put them down, abusive/violent as was the case with Ivana, humiliating, shaming), IGNORANT(his vocabulary - mighty mind expansion/universe doesn't reach any further than word "disgusting"...all you ever get from mentally challenged grimacing red haired meatball which is wearing presidential suit is "ahhhooohhhhohhhh disgustinggggg" - its a LOT to ask for from him...don't even think about multilingual etc.), FRUSTRATED(hysterical)/INCAPABLE TO DEAL WITH ISSUES LIKE AN ADULT(replace word "man" with wimp and you get real idea - his imaginary magic powers for degradation of vournables in society are utilized hysterically even via TWITTER option, but Twitter is a large scale PUBLIC option and CAN NOT replace effect of "attorney" Michaelsky Deanov Cohenko who targeted by the order of his criminal boss a single individuals anywhere even near), HATER(this no longer is only closeted fascist/racist, but anyone can see bigot for what he truly is), CRIMINAL(tax evasion and all sorts of crimes that trace clearly even into sabotage of the country for the sake of enemy), AND YOU COULD GO ON AND ON...

Rejected "Grab them by the pussy" machism mixed with total betrayal of America(we can find even gangsterism on his resume which one would expect from past members of Gambino family - great Fred for example) continues this way in the White House and is heading to even bottomer(lower than bottom)...
According to the news from mighty internet, Trump's apprentism(all he ever invented was/is "you are fired") is this way coming to an end...tic tac and you are out loser, but MY criminal charges will follow up against you and your criminal syndicate - make no mistake about that.

Real psychiatrists and lawmakers(this individual must be charged with genocide against another US citizen) should look into mind of White House's "apprentice" which drove insane with his Moscow's colleagues entire world and for some time even myself(Moscowian criminals and he alone needed this effect to hide their real them when on political stage as without this option, world would reject filth already on very beginning).

Espionage and sabotage(this individual dirtened US image abroad like no other individual prior to him - have spit on American flag domestically by violating US constitution and abroad by tarnishing US reputation as credible state - should be stripped from US citizenship and jailed) against US must END !!! 

Time to get accountable individual into the White House on whom US citizens and American partners worldwide can rely on. 


Psychiatrist(yet another one) back in July of 2018: Trump Mental Health Urgently Deteriorating...


WHEN CONSIDERING THAT PSYCHOPATH DOESN'T EVEN HAVE OR HAVE SUFFERED ANY REAL ISSUES IN HIS LIFE(its his first real job one is facing - for the first time Donnie is held accountable - not a fixed in advance job or in a position to just insult people as was the case on apprentice , but challenged with real issues), AND IS PERFORMING AS SEEN IN ABOVE VIDEO TOWARD PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE ELISABETH WARREN, ITS TIME TO GET REAL EVALUATION DONNIE...ROSIE WON BIG TIME IN YOU CASE BABE.

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