Friday, January 11, 2019

Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła !!! We know details about meeting of Kaczynski and Italian fascist Matteo Salvini

Polish journalists expose sellout from Warsaw and his Italian colleague !!! 
It will not go so easy Mr. Kaczyński !!! Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła !!!

Do you know what you have done with your conduct at all Mr. Kaczynski !!????? Are you aware of your actions and where whole thing is leading Poland because of irresponsible meeting with Italian fascist !!????
How can you even meet publicly with people like this !!???? 

If Poland will play to neonazi tunes from Budapest, one will become smaller Hungary.

Kaczyński = nothing but Putin's lapdog in Poland.
Strong economy and state security that will anyone think twice before trying to repeat Polish past should be your priorities !!! Related to

From(via google translate)

Almost two hours Jarosław Kaczyński talked to Matteo Salvini, deputy prime minister and head of the Ministry of Interior in the Italian government. Salvini is the head of the co-governing Italy of the Northern League. This is a party that has signed a cooperation agreement with ... One Russia, or the group of Vladimir Putin. The backstage of the meeting of the PiS president with a pro-Russian politician who two years ago posed on Red Square wearing a T-shirt with the image ... of the President of Russia met the Polish Army.
According to WP, the talks were very successful and the PiS president was "happy". Kaczyński's talks were supported by Deputy Speaker of the Senate Adam Bielan, MEP Tomasz Poręba, prof. Ryszard Legutko and minister Anna Maria Anders. As the portal learned, the head of the PiS accepted the invitation to Milan from Matteo Salvini. It is there that the Polish-Italian talks will be resumed at the ministerial level.
"A positive conversation, full of mutual understanding .The issues raised in which there is a divergence of views between the PiS and the League. Talks opened the way for further contacts regarding the acceleration of EU development and ensuring the EU a proper place on a global scale" - summed up the results of the PiS spokeswoman and deputy speaker Sejm Beata Mazurek.

During the meeting Kaczyński-Salvini, the Italian Deputy Prime Minister was to raise the subject of his attitude to Russia himself saying that he "knows and understands Poland's attitude in this field".

Ukraine is neonazi and fascist state and a real Italian fascist as seen here promoted Putan Putanowich like this since 2004 :)))) Very nice

Speech was also about migration issues in the Union. Kaczyński thanked Salvin for defending the southern border of the continent against the influx of illegal immigrants.

According to the information of the Polish Army, the subject of cooperation before the elections to the European Parliament and creation of the right-wing and conservative party alliance after the electoral resolution was also discussed. This issue is to be developed in the spring during a meeting in Italy, in which Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is also to take part. (Source: WP)

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