Monday, January 7, 2019

Coming next will be detailed video on Slovenian president Borut Pahor and citizens of immigration center

How Slovenian UDBA boy wanted to assist Russians in crime against me. His crime included roma minority issues in Slovenia which he attempted to connect with Russian Chechens(he trained personally so they could imitate their behavior) who were engaging against me with all sorts of issues(physical violence as well as heavy use of directed energy weapons included). Much anticipated from me a Russian racism didn't work this time, but people must understand just how far whole thing went.

None of Russian Chechens ever entered Polish language school and what makes whole thing even stranger, they don't even pay visitation to their mini mosque which is in the center - they prefer to come and pray inside of the room where I am at 0100am, 0300am, and 0500am...first widely spoken Russian language was gradually totally substituted with Arabic language(since I have rejected Russia, its better to blame Arabia for it all - am I correct !!???)...

This Chechen Muslims were violently presented to me under MKultra by Russians and Trump's American team as white Muslims - thus a special kind(breed) that would appeal to me(they don't appeal to me even a bit) according to my racial prefrences. 


Ruskies and Trump figured out along with Netanyahu that I should just lose such preferences via abuse(torture) and turn myself even into Muslim(Netanyahu insisted on Israel and its why was so important to have my human taste for the same altered - he figured out that I would reject Islam and with such currupt politic as is in Europe land right in Israel as the only alternative - WRONG)...that's why my Polish is critisized all the time while being subjected to food poisoning and directed energy atacks(you think inflamated radiated brain and bidyvtgat doesn't get sleep have same capacity as of normal human being !!????).

My roomate suggested under MKultra that I will accept Islam only via constant abuse(torture that would involve even brain cancer) along their females and children, and its why is neccesary all this.

Because people no longer know what to think Mr. Borut Pahor !!!


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