Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Best to study is once you spend day outside of this immigration center

Not in the mornings, but once you return to the center because brain somehow recuperates from the night.
YOU ARE OBSERVED 24/7 AND SEVERELY PUNISHED FOR ATTEMPTING TO LEARN POLISH LANGUAGE(WHAT WENT WELL YESTERDAY UPON MY RETURN COSTED ME THIS MORNING NO LESS THAN 5 HOURS OF FRUSTRATION BECAUSE I WAS HAMMERED AT NIGHT WITH WHATEVER IS THAT THEY USE IN ADDITION TO CIGARETTES) !!! What you see on video is nothing compared to what they use, but it gives a good idea about it all. Brain felt this morning as a skin which is insensitive to heat or sharp objects.

Warsaw is using even police to ask me why I don't request transfer to another location via creation of incidents as was the other day. They have NO FACE to ask because they failed to accommodate simple room change which I have requested on several occasions. And they fear the most of the answer(I answer with questions sometimes) "who allowed you to engage in MKultra violence against me IN Poland between 1998 and 2006" !!!

Adolf Hitler didn't do stuff like this, but he would be very proud(even envious) of today's Poland. That I guatrantee you https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2019/01/we-both-climb-in-beds-with-roomate.html

Transfer wouldn't solve anything because what is happening is happening in Poland on behalf and with permission of Warsaw.

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