Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Also involved in crime is Slovenian psychologist and chess player Jana Krivec who was installed via politics into FREELOADERS' CLUB KNOWN AS Institut "Jožef Stefan" in Ljubljana

It was all about "because she will help you"(in million other cases). This worthless creature as can be seen, specialized herself into parasitic crime game - crime game supported with prior clause, "because she will help you" and only if you will be good" and thats what cognitive psychology is if you are involved in this very case as Milan Kučan's private psychologist(she was since day 1)

They lied, stole, traveled world and lodged for free, tortured and collected envelops in return for no less than 28 years. And they will help once cornered(with predisposition known as "no longer have ability to corner") against the wall because thats what criminals would like to do - its how criminal mid works.

Cognitive psychology was/is frequently used to experiment within real prison settings with detainees whom system corners against wall via set of directed circumstances/interactions - directed circumstances/interactions on a first case to get them in there and is used to turn further what otherwise should be prison sentence for detainee into deadly ordeals - real Hollywood thrillers. 
The most famous serial killer cases were often produced by one. Its more than a chess game, but pays the bills...

They ALSO say its very little difference between psychopath you read about in common criminal sections and mental health profession employees as is listed above. 

 I need Interpol, International Police Association, United Nations to act accordingly with international treaties/laws. As for these criminals, they are indifferent from all other most criminal notorious cases only(except) in respect to national identity which they claim to belong while advancing against one greater Serbian chetnik YUGO agenda.

Institut "Jožef Stefan" in Ljubljana was involved in crime against me since 1995 when they were eager to obtain as much as possible technology(knowledge) from West on behalf of Belgrade and Moscow - they acted entirely as a knowledge transfer cart involving me in what I declined to have to do anything with in their faces time and again due to what again was Milan Kučan's presence...Kučan also acted as official conveyor of institute's interactions with outside world such as London for instance with other politicians/royalties while expressing ultimate derision for me....Institut "Jožef Stefan" in Ljubljana was nothing but crime/torture/abuse - they tortured with idea to get me inside of the psychiatric institution located in same city(5 miles apart) and couldn't regardless of degree of torture exercised against me behind those walls - took them and their colleagues from local psychiatry no less than 18 years...Institute "Jožef Stefan" is in my eyes the most miserable pathetic "science" institution that existed in the face of the world.

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