Tuesday, September 26, 2023

MK Ultra age 9 months two Germans and their families identified thanks to Slovenian worker whom I met today and also identify with his ex wife

German from eastern Germany who immigrated to Western Germany had his wife, two kids, mother, father, and perhaps even two sisters in his house which was divided. He had front or rear of the house with his wife and kids. inside of the older house in 1972, they had white wall tiles in toilet/bathroom area. Perhaps even green walls...I was 9 months of age when I met one for the first time and he was taken to Western part of Germany 6 months latter or so...I think these people were/are relatives from Angela Merkel. 

Slovenian worker's German boss #2 was also identified who was from Western GerMaribor area now....many at the time(this Slovenian worker worked in Western Germany in 1972, 1973 , 1974) , Slovenian workers' ex wife also was identified as well as some people from Maribor. Slovenian worker(now retiree) who would take me at times with him back to Slovenia from Western Germany got job in Krka Pharmaceuticals in 1974 where I also spent a lots of time as a baby. He admitted knowing me since early childhood by suggesting how one no longer has photos with me.

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