Sunday, June 2, 2019

Ukraine(WORLD incl US) must reject Trump type of fascist gangster politics

Case of my own is being used to condition US congress and foreign politicians Zelensky alike with issues that should never be subject of speculations.

My case should never ever happened, but it did for the sake of curruption experimentation on world's stage.

Trump @Zelenski - "keep quiet about his case and you get assistance" while side channel with Russia stays open as long as I guess I am alive(when dead, Russia again becomes main player in game with US and Ukraine is ousted just as was case in the past). The goal here is not to empower Ukraine and others who crawe for life but instead to kill us and get US Russian politic going on a long run.

It is WRONG TO SUPOORT JELYFISH ALIKE GANGSTER politician which attempts to consume world via hatred and division.

Think Holodomor and you get idea about who/what he is with his Kremlin camrades. Do not engage in his sick provocative politic as you will be ultimate looser. REJECT TRUMP GARBAGE.

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