Sunday, June 2, 2019

Desperate Trump(main KGB asset on the West) kicked out of UK as the case should be all over the world now seeks sympathy with newly elected president Zelensky

#1 - evaluation of Zelensky by Trump advisor on what official invitation followed

Evaluation = will you Mr. Zlensky accept Trump's invitation since this individual caused war in Ukraine(13.000 Ukrainian corpses, lossofCrimea and Eastern part ofUkrinae). Mr. desperate Trump needs to somehow improve his ratings as those sucks domestically and internationally.

Invitation = read written above...

Loser...the biggest looser....Trump(human trash with whom you have no idea what is all about when talking/negotiating to one - human jellyfish). His word a watter in your hands. Good till next offer arrives on the table. MR. JEBIVETER.

Doors smashing on hallway/protest as I write what yousee here...internet was gone I wasted 11% of battery on just what you read here 30% total in 450mb upload to internet and what you see here...its been like that for last 11 months in Polish immigration system...

@Zelensky...invite him andhis sons to Ukraine...take them to Holodomor memorial and take baseball bath with you.

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