Monday, June 3, 2019

Awaking changed to 0450 for already a month now

Belarus Jurij walked all night long and its his regular procedure. Walk talk at midnight 0100, 0200 hours is normal.

Whatever sleep I get is thanks to earplugs which I use. Polish Gambinos have very well accomodated their Russian camrades.

With super hypertension boosting through my skull area, I will just as allways head it for the day(try to get job). Its a miracle I got what I got out of this place via worst torture possible.

Made mistake yesterday as I walked out of room leaving backpack with food supplies in one(elderly neighbor appeared at the end of the day which insisted on how we have to talk urgently).

I will repeat what I was told by law enforcement under MKultra, " sweeteners are poisoned via spray which they use to inject one in the battle" and there you have it...lasts forever ;)

THE MORE WE DO TO YOU, THE LESS YOU KNOW is what Schwarzenegger would say.

Written at 0600am - when more tired and beaten up than rested.

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