Wednesday, June 5, 2019

"Bones of Bubruysk pigs" to be Unearthed at Belarus Building Site
Slovenian Polish Belarus Russian fascism which I have experienced for entire 22 years(on every hill in Slovenia was according to Borut Pahor Israeli sniper waiting for me whilke in Belarus/Poland, Jews are gonna buy me - hijack me at any moment to Israel - FASCISM HATRED VIA TERRORISM AND TEROR UNPRECEDENTED) ended eventually with promise of Belarus genious Lukashenko on how he will have to unearth what you see here(what he calls Bubrujsk pigs) if I will not stick to a nazism and counter Jews. Its what Kaczynski anticipated case would be when confiscated Polish properties would come in question :)))))

There is nothing human about real pigs that are running Poland, Slovakia, Czech rep., Russia, Slovenia and so are a real sick filthy pigs who live for hate.

And you are on your own !!! 

Good for you Jews to be seen as human beings. NEVER AGAIN - HERE EITHER !!!

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