Saturday, June 8, 2019

German guy survived entire summer camping next to lake as seen

Walked to library where electricity was. Police, however, discouraged and boasted on how they demolished(confiscated) tents in area.

It was a real hysteria in Decathlon store in Lodz where all were buying tents.

Meaning police has super overview in this case on how one would try to survive ordeal(know people where you would leave tent and perhaps even intimidate them). My situation just 100x more screwed up than what Americans had going on.

Old Polish Belarus roomate(is not destroying anything - I never mentioned his name and never will) brought yesterday 1kg of hotdogs in room and that supposed to mark according to MKultra above mentioned tents issue. I wonder how much longer will UN proceed with this type of treatment against me(when you see what goes on and fail to act, you benefit perpetrator).

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