Saturday, June 15, 2019

Have seen lots lots of American cars in Poland lately

and was told case would be if things wouldnt worked out well in Poland "help you" return and so on(F** you)...

Well, those with such a great intentions who created all these and are trying now to just fix issues of the past shouldnt worry about me and US any longer. I didnt come here because of her. I came here to record Nowy Torg(collect MKultra proofs since I was in vicinity) and then well...Zakopane and to stay(try Polish asylum protection) since I had no place left. "Place left" means US is dead for me and one practically doesnt exist other than for busines purposes. Perhaps one day I return for a visit, but this will be after reaching financial settlement. US is in my eyes exteemelly dangerous country if financially unstable.

Andzej Duda this way with his filthy mentor Kaczynski doesnt have to worry about it(its perhaps why Polush police have stolen my last Slivenian documentation - EU).

Poland commited autrocities against me and will be charged with harshed accusation any state ever faced. 25 years of life was destroyed because of this bigotted beyond criminal state and we will not say farewell to one another just like that.

Duda will have to wait just a bit longer and his additional crimes against me doesnt do him any good.

Cars should make me feel good and credits...yeah..thats the thing biggg Donnie claimed. Remind me of American greateness.

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