Saturday, June 8, 2019

Belarus KGB criminal destroyed(dented) phone already few days after purchase

Telephone had plastic foil over rear area where camera is...either(most likely) during my sleep(they have AGAIN used directed energy with such intensity when I bought one that I experienced gravity issues - hypertension in rear of the head seemed was totally uncontrolable - compelled me to change side of tge bed on what pillow was taken from under the head) or when I forgot one, he squeezed with finger nails area to cause dent. It was not visible till plastic foil fell off and I felt have no reason to worry as most likely was just a factory mistake(not broken, but dented - couldnt be due to fall, but visibly pushed inside by finger nails or some other object - will demonstrate on video).

But then today(bought this phone a month ago or so), phone fell on floor(not a big fall - small fall) on what he became very excited. I inspected phone on which no visible damages exist other that stated above and I begun to understand also why he got so excited(tried to psychologically impact by asserting "hey, you cant say anything now"). He also destroyed charger and headphones and perhaps even shoes.

Telephone fell off because of my being compelled to drag bacpacks with me evenin in shower area - or this or more destruction takes place.

Power bank was destroyed in a same way...fell off in room and worked for next week on what one was destroyed.

I have forgotten phone also in the room twice and same was with power bank.

Its about Jurij who just like Hassan sleeps 24/7 inside of the room(34 years old). Not interested in work whatsoever...the same thing.

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