Saturday, June 8, 2019

Will not buy even a bike for 30$

American had his bike even inside of the room and was destroyed...

They had me watch destroying car while American owner was working inside of factory...

This is a sicker than sick place(NO ANDROID, NO BIKE AND NO CAR ALLOWED).

American whose name I will not say yet, bought old Mercedes for his hard was destroyed(so were few others) to the point he couldnt even sell one...the more car was parked, the more parts fall appart. Horror !!!

Why no car/ nobike/ no phone !!??? Because psychologists procalculated that it would be great to screw me up by my climbing roofs with injured legament for $2 hour(black market) to get out if here mentioned circumstances on what money would come in unlimitted ammounts. Thus are sickening with total lack of one when needed and with future aboundance of one which would be used to empower those which caused damage(them alone).

Its a real spit in my face. Its a mockery out of life. Designed to drive one insane on a long term.

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