Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Italy, Hungary, Croatia should simply

seal Slovenian border and same should be done with Serbia by neighbors till justice systems of the two dont reach European normatives(its the same as they import the worst from Russia and export stolen money in one). Enough of insane Russian violence in Europe and in Russia alone.

Slovenia a threat to itself and EU values should be in fact given to Croatia. Is completelly incompetent(mentally ill state ruled by failed pro Serbian shizophrenic  politicians which took over 40 billion Euros of credit to give one to Serbia for recovery after NATO stopped war Serbian assoult on neighboring nations incl. Slovenia andfor the sake of ethniccleansing as each year over 30.000 Slovenian natives run abroad for work/replaced most often by Serbs - Kucan, Pahor etc.), and as such dangerous to even exist. The biggest threat to Slovenians is Slovenia alone.

Slovenia is also a factory of hatred against neighbors and that includes Croats...GOOD FOR NOTHING.

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